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This website is to honor and remember my son Hunter Addison Vongphrachanh. Hunter was born January 4, 2000. First I will tell you a little about him. Hunter's favorite color was blue. His favorite drink was Dr. Thunder, just like his mother. He loved playing video games. He has every mario game for his gamecube. We were both big Mario fans. We spent many all-nighters just playing video games together. He loved playing with his sisters, Casey and Alexis. Hunter and Alexis were so close that I called them twins. Just one was 6 and the other 9. Hunter would sweet talk Casey and flash those beautiful brown eyes and she would be putty in his hands. I guess you could say we all were. Hunter was and still is my pride and joy. Everything he did made us laugh. For only being 6yrs old he taught me so much. He taught me the true meaning of love. Hunter grew his angel wings on January 25th, 2006. On June 1st,2006 Hunter became a big guardian angel brother to his baby sister Destiny. Though with us for a short time he left us with a lifetime of good memories. We will always be  greatful for him being in our lives. To his family it was like hitting a lotto. I am a very lucky person for having him as a son. Thank you for visiting Hunter's website. Please light a candle for him before you go.
Thank you so much Jana for this beautiful picture.

                               The one and only Super Mario




    My favorite wrestler.Im his number one fan.                      
           Hunter's 8th Birthday 

Today is Hunter's birthday, he's turning eight 
 He isn't with us to celebrate 
He already walked through heavens gate 
to the point of no return 
We were left here to mourn 
How could God need him so bad 
To take him from his mom and dad 
We loved him more than anyone could 
Everything about Hunter was good 
Hunter also has three beautiful sister who miss him 
Without him their lives seem so grim 
All we have are memories of the past 
Which we will have to make last 
I can sit here and be wishing 
It's a few years ago and we were fishing 
Or the time when we were playing croquet 
It last so long he got tired to play 
Those were the days when everything was fine 
I had Hunter and thought it was til the end of my time 
I will always love you Hunter 
                                            Love Mommy

                                    A Mother's Love

You're the best kid that I've had
You made me happy even when I was sad
There could never be another
To Casey and Alexis you were the best brother
No one could ever compare to you
Having you was a dream come true
Even though it couldn't last
I still have great memories of the past
You were daddies wrestling buddy
Even if I thought you were all nutty
You brought our family so much joy
You will always be mommies little boy
You loved to play all video games
From Mario to Sonic to all the big names
You loved to drink Dr. Thunder
Who taught you that,gee I wonder
For a while we have to be apart
Deep inside it breaks my heart
I have to wait for that special day
When I can be with you and stay that way
Until then I will always love you.


Thank you Jana





Everything I see or do 
reminds me of you
Any little thing like looking at a book
reminds me of how you couldn't wait for daddy to cook
Or even just seeing kids play in the sand
reminds me of you and your happy hands
If I play a video game
all I can do is think you'd want to do the same
I think about you 24 hours a day
Just wishing we had one more time to play
I think about you every minute
how we used to play Mario and you'd always win it.
I think about you all the time
and am so thankful that you were mine
I thnk about how you made us have fun
You were and always will by my perfect son 
I will always love you.
                                     Love Mommy


Hunter loved Scooby Doo. He use to always watch the t.v. shows and he always played scooby doo with me and Alexis. Hunter got some little scooby doo action figures for his Birthday. He use to play with them all the time. Alexis and I would play these toys with him too. He loved playing with them and when we were done playing with them he would want to watch the movie. He also had a scooby doo backpack. He would carry it around and keep his scooby doo toys in there. Hunter, Alexis and I would stay up later watching his movies and then we would play as them ourselves. Everytime there was a new movie coming out we would wait for it to come on t.v. And then we would all lay on the bed or the floor and watch it. From Hunter's big sister, Casey



Hunter loved to play video games. He had every Mario game. When I would Play and couldn't pass a level he would tell me I want a turn. At the time he was 5 I thought he was too small, but to my suprise he was very good. He made me very proud of him. One day my friend brought her 15yr old son to my house. I told her my son against yours. Hunter won, he was so excited. I was too. He gave me bragging rights at work. Her son came over again for a rematch but Hunter was undefeated. He is the video champion!


Hunter's nickname was nugget. He got his nickname for two reasons. The first reason he loved to eat chicken nuggets. Every time we went to eat that is what he wanted. I use to tell Hunter, your going to turn into a nugget. He always thought that was so funny. He would smile and his pretty tootsie roll eyes would just sparke. The second reason, he would be cold. He would come in my room and say mommy I'm coldy like a chicken. I would tell him to get in my electric blanket with me. Then he would say, now I'm warmy like a chicken nugget.


How does one move on
when their only son is gone
well I will tell you its not easy
many times my stomachs so queasy
I just take it day to day
hoping Hunters not watching in dismay
I try to make him proud
making sure his name is still said out loud
I know I need to live
To tell others of the love he was able to give
how my life will never be the same
without Hunter and our video game
oh the times I was able to enjoy
with my one and only mommas boy
Now I must go on without him
but my lifes not all grim
Hunter has three beautiful sisters that I must raise
they make me have some happy days
even through it all
they will always catch me if I fall.
I will always love you, love Mommy


Hunter was and always will be my pride and joy. Ever since Hunter was a baby I had his picture made on a necklace. He loved to look at it. He would always touch my necklace and say thats me. I would tease him and say no it's me. He would get mad. Then I said your right it's you. And he would be happy again. You could see his dimples and his tootsie roll eyes would just sparkle. I would like to thank Jana for making this beautiful pendant of my angel Hunter.


Hunter always loved black fish. We went to his school carnival and he won a black fish. Hunter was so excited he couldn't wait to go home and put him in the fishtank. Hunter floated the bag for 15 minutes then Alexis asked if she could let his fish out. So I said ok. Hunter stood in front watching. Alexis scooped out the fish and in the tank he went. As soon as the fish went in out came another goldfish. Hunter started knocking on the fish tank. He said, let him go. I told Hunter even if he lets him out he will still die. So I promised to get him another one to replace him. Since then I've always tried to keep a black fish in my tank just for Hunter
                   thank you Dianne                  
Why am I the one to live 
When I feel like I have nothing to give 
You're the one that was small 
So many things to do in life and enjoy them all 
I'm the one who is old 
As the years pass my heart grows cold 
I would love to take your place 
To bless the people here with your face 
They just don't know what they are missing 
All I can do is keep wishing                                              
You should be here not me                             
Since you left me I'm so lonely                               
Why did god have to take you                                 
I guess I always knew you were to good to be true 
I can't complain 
Even though my life will never be the same 
You gave me so much love 
Now you're my angel watching from above 
I will always love you. 
                                   Love Mommy

Thank you Gloria                        

Hunter loved shadow mario.Everytime I played super mario sunshine, he always had to play the level chasing shadow mario.
Hunter was a pirate at a birthday party.He had so much fun.He will always be our treasure.

                          First Day in Heaven   

I can't wait                             
until I go thru heavens gate 
I know what I will see 
Hunter standing there waiting on me 
He will run up to me 
and tell me now I will never be lonely 
I will tell him I love him and we will hug each other  
then he will say I love you too and missed you mother 
Later he will show me around 
Probably take me to the play ground 
He will want me to meet his new pals 
more than likely alot of gals 
Hunter  always had alot of friends   
The list of names never ends 
Of course it wouldn't be right 
If we didn't play mario all night   
And that is how I think my first day will be 
I will be with Hunter forever and so happy 




                  Having you for a son

Having a son like you
would be any mother's dream come true
You were everything I dreamed of

A true angel sent from above
I'm so glad that I was the one
that got to have you for my son
All the funny things you did
just watching you be a cute kid
Everything you did was funny
even sticking your hand out for money
I think about you everyday
I just close my eyes and watch you play
You will always be momma's boy
The only one who brought me so much joy
On your Birthday you will be seven
You're so special, God wanted you in Heaven
I cannot feel sorry for myself because I have
experienced your love and knew the true you
I can only feel sorry for those who never
got to know you.
They missed out on a chance of a lifetime
I will always love you Hunter,
                                                                           Love always, Mommy




   Alexis,Hunter,and Casey. Hunter liked being the only boy he thought he was hot stuff.


                  Hunters baby sister Destiny



                                  The Mask
Why do I have to wear the mask
You shouldn't have to ask
how is my day
when I can't watch my son play
its hard to put on a fake smile
even if just for a little while
or you shouldn't say he's in a better place
would you like to never  see your child's face
why is my son already in heaven
its not fair he wasn't even seven
truth be known this is no joke
my heart will forever be broke
And please don't ask how was my holidays
when all I wanted was to runaway
So if you see me please don't ask
it gets so hard to wear the mask
so save us both alot of pain
don't make me wear the mask again
I can never be like you
I have to live my life with my heart broke in two.


My Mom is a Survivor 

My mom is a survivor
of so I've heard it said
But I can hear her crying at night 
When all others are in bed.

I watch her lay awake at night
and go to hold her hand.
She doesn't know I'm with her
to help her understand.

But like the sands on the beach
that never wash away...
I watch over my surviving mom,
who thinks of me each day.

She wears a smile for others...
a smile of disguise!
But through heaven's doors I see
tears flowing from her eyes.

My mom tries to cope with death
to keep my memory alive.
But anyone who knows her knows
it is her way to survive.

As I watch over my surviving mom
through Heaven's open door...
I try to tell her that angels
protect me forevermore.

I know that doesn't help her...
or ease the burden she bears.
So if you get a chance, go visit her...
and show her that you care.

For no matter what she says...
no matter what she feels.
My mom has a broken heart
that time won't ever heal.

Love Hunter


I wish you were here or I was there
this pain is just too much to bare.
I look around at everyone 
living their life and having fun.
How can they go on like nothing is new.
Don't they know we're missing you.
All I ever wanted to see
is that you touched other lives like you did me.
So everyday I dedicate my life to your site
to make sure at least one candle will be light.
I know if you're watching over me from above
you will know my unconditional love.
It cannot stop because you're not here
now you live in my heart which is always near.
I will always love you Hunter,
                                                Love Mommy



Everyone knows I always wanted a son
then on January 4th you were the one
the one I always dreamed of
the one I gave all my love
the one I thought was better than money
the one who was so funny
I knew from the start
that it was you who would steal my heart
how could someone so small
make me love life and want to see it all?
you came into my life for 6 wonderful years
you left me with a broken heart and many tears
but I will never regret having you 
because you were and always will be
my dream come true
I will always love you Hunter,
                                                 Love mommy


                   About My Mom
If you meet my mom
There's a few things you should know
If she meets some one new she usually does with resistance
Most of the time she keeps a safe distance
Sometimes she just wants to be alone
Please don't get your feelings hurt if she won't answer the phone
It's not that she is mean or even that she's mad
You just need to understand that she's really really sad
So please don't take it to heart
Her world just fell apart
You will never be able to stop her tears
cause she's dreamed of me all these years
So please help me to help my mom if you come
here could you light a candle it really makes
her day to know that someone thought of me
Thank you, Hunter

Hey this is Casey, Hunter's older sister. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about Hunter. First of all having Hunter as a little brother was the best thing anyone could ask for. He was so funny and he always had a smile on. He was so good at video games and he always won at them too. He brought so much happiness to this family and he always will.

Hunter could make anybody happy. Just one look into his beautiful eyes and poof, all your worries would go away. I miss the fact that I'll never get to see the sparkle in his eyes again. It hurts me so much to know that I wont be able to see his smile too. He had the perfect smile. It was the smile you could look at and all your problems would disapear. The smile that lets you know everything is gonna be okay. The smile that would wash away your fears and give you the feeling of safety and security.

He was special in many ways. He affected so many peoples lives too. Even though we were together for a short period of time, I know I will have a lifetime of memories. No one can ever replace him. He is one of a kind. He was very unique in his own way. I know someday I'll be able to see his face again, but until then He'll always hold a special place in my heart. I will forever love him with every ounce of love in me and nothing can change that. Thank You for reading this. Please light a candle for Hunter.

I just don't know why you had to go
Doesn't god know I still needed you so 
You're the one who kept my life together
my shining sun in rainy weather
when you went to heaven you took a part
well I guess you took my whole heart
Now all I can do 
is wait to be with you
that's all I have to look forward to 
that will be my second dream come true
I keep wishing this is a bad dream
but all I do is wake with a scream
You still aren't here with me
I'm dying inside and so lonely
I lay awake at night looking at the wall
remembering the times when I had it all
those were the days when we were together
and in my mind I thought it was forever
I will always love you Hunter,
                                               Love Mommy

                                     A Thousand Tears
A Thousand Tears I've cried for you.
With each burning tear I don't know what to do.
With the holidays getting harder and longer.
Each passing holiday helps me get stronger.
Your death was painful, no doubt about that.
I try to be happy, but I know I just can't.
Now that you're gone, 
I'm not sure I can go on.
I need you here with me,
why did you have to leave?
It hurts deep inside,
and all I can do is cry.
I've cried a thousand tears for you.
But know this now and forever,
I will always love you.
                                   Love Casey


My son is in a wonderful place
Where all of heaven gets to see his beautiful face
he never has to want anything
whatever he wishes for god will bring 
He never has to see anyone sick or feeling down
now all of heaven is his huge playground
He has a new best friend he calls Fay
he said all they do is play
they play with hot wheels
and in between eat chicken nugget meals
they know their mothers miss them
we wish we were there to kiss them
but as they wait for that special day 
him and Fay just play
whether their playing video games 
of just laughing and making up silly names
They are always together
playing happily in heaven they always have perfect weather
even though Hunters high above
I know in my heart he's surrounded with  love
                                                    Love Mommy





Heaven must be really nice 
actually I've heard its paradise 
in my heart I know Hunter is having fun 
He's running in the clouds with everyone 
I can also picture him being silly 
he's just so excited now he's with Grandma Lillie 
She likes to hold him and sing him a song 
they have fun all day long 
He said he teaches her how to play video games 
and she teaches him how to spell lots of names
He said Grandma Lillie made the best jelly 
so I know he has a nice full belly 
I'm sure by now she's spoiled him rotten 
That's ok he will never be forgotten 
I'm just happy they are together 
and will stay that way forever 
Until we get to join the fun 
We have to wait until our life here is done 
We will always love you Hunter and Grandma Lillie





Hunter our family wont be complete until we are all together again.We love you and miss you so much.


I always knew Hunter was an angel from day one.

Sonic and Mario arguing over who Hunter liked best.


Thank you for visiting my buddys site,Mario

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